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Published date: 27.02.2022

#5 Managing Loads

To create a load, begin by navigating to the events page and selecting the event within which you wish to create, edit, or delete loads. Additionally, you can add and manage skydivers or jumpers within each load.

If no loads are created within the event, clicking "Create New Load" will open a form for generating the first load.

This form comprises a couple of fields:

  • Load Number: The load number is automatically generated as a sequence number, but a custom flight number can also be entered.

  • Status: The "Status" field is a dropdown menu used to change flight statuses. The default status is "On the Call," but it can be changed to "Boarding" when it's time to board the aircraft. After takeoff, select "In the Air," and upon landing, select "Finished." Selecting "Finished" removes the load from the load list.

    There is also an option for "Canceled," which is used if the flight is canceled.

  • Takeoff Time: Enter the correct time for the load, as it is used to calculate the time until each load.

  • Delay After Landing: This field is for entering planned delays after the load, such as breaks, refueling time, or standby time due to weather conditions.

After clicking "Save," you will be redirected to the load list page, where the newly created load will be visible.

To demonstrate, let's create another load and add a 15-minute delay.

Now, let's create another load without a delay to observe how the times are automatically recalculated.

Upon creation, the first load departs at 10:00, and the second at 10:20. An additional 20 minutes is automatically added because we specified a turnaround time of 20 minutes when creating the event. The third load departs at 10:55 due to the 15-minute delay added after the second load.

Adding Skydivers to Loads

After creating the loads, add jumpers to them by clicking the "Add" button.

Only jumpers with your reference number under their profiles will be visible.

Select the jumper and then choose the jump type (single or tandem). Add any additional notes if necessary, and click "Save" to add the jumper to the load.

Repeat the process to add more jumpers. Use the filter field to find specific jumpers easily.

Selecting "Tandem" as the jump type automatically adds two slots: one for the instructor and one for the tandem student. Enter the necessary details, and the system will display them accordingly.

Slots are marked with either a green "Add" button for available slots or options to delete or edit the slot (in red or orange) for occupied slots.

To delete a jumper from a slot, click "X." To edit, click "Edit."

The load header displays essential information such as load number, takeoff time, and a time counter showing the time until the load.

To change the load order, click "Edit" and modify the load number. The departure times will recalculate accordingly.

To delete a load, remove all jumpers from it first. Similarly, to delete the event, delete all loads associated with it.