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Published date: 27.02.2022

#2 Creating a Skydiver Account

There are two types of registration: one for business owners and the other for skydivers. Each group has distinct registration forms and required information necessary to create a user account and ensure the program functions smoothly.


In this tutorial, we will guide you through the account registration process for skydivers/jumpers. Whether you're setting up a skydiver profile for yourself or assisting a client as a business owner or dropzone, the process remains the same.

Let's begin on the homepage of Manifestbud.com.

On the Manifestbud.com website, you'll find the registration option in the main menu.

Clicking on the "Registration" link will direct you to the registration page, where you'll be presented with two options: registration for skydivers/jumpers or registration for business owners.

Since we're focusing on registering a Skydivers Profile, click on "Skydivers/Jumpers Profile."

The first field for registering the skydiver/jumper profile is the reference number. It's crucial to obtain this number from the organization where you'll be jumping, as without it, their manifest staff won't be able to locate you in their jumpers list.

If you don't have the reference number at the time of creating your skydiver profile, you can leave this field empty and add it later while editing your profile. However, until you input the correct Dropzone reference number, their manifest staff won't be able to find or see you in their Manifest Bud jumpers list.

Since we created a Business Owner account in a previous tutorial, we'll enter the reference number automatically provided then.

In the second field, enter your Name followed by Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Height in centimeters, Weight in kilograms, Email (carefully entered, as it will also serve as your username for logging into the Manifest Bud account), and Phone Number.

Create a password and ensure it's identical in both fields.

Skydiving Part of Information:

Though not mandatory, we recommend filling in these fields as the system prompts warnings for skydivers with incomplete profiles. Enter your license category, license number, license validity, medical validity, and the number of jumps.

Equipment Information:

Provide details about your main parachute model and size, year of manufacture, last inspection, as well as information about your reserve and automation activation device.

Use the Note field to convey any specific messages for the Manifest Bud administrator.

Upon successful registration, you'll receive a confirmation message stating "Registration successful."

To activate your user account, click on the link sent to the email address you used during registration.

After clicking on the activation link, you can log in to the Manifest Bud under the "Skydiver-Jumpers Log in" section.

If the reference number is entered correctly, you'll be visible to the Dropzone and Manifest staff.