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Published date: 27.02.2022

1# Creating a Business Owner Account

Manifest Bud is a web application designed for business owners such as drop zones, skydive companies, and skydiving operations in need of a streamlined manifesting system for organizing flights, creating loads, manifesting skydivers, and displaying the entire jumping schedule for both skydivers and clients.

The functionalities of Manifest Bud will be elaborated on in detail throughout this tutorial series.

While the interface is intuitively designed, we recommend going through the entire series of tutorials to streamline your workflow in Manifest Bud, both for you and your employees. If you're already familiar with or have learned certain aspects, feel free to skip ahead to the next lesson.

Before delving into a detailed explanation of Manifest Bud, it's important to note that it is free for all skydivers. The pricing plans for business owners can be found on our website, manifestbud.com, under the "pricing plans" section.

The first step is to create or register your account.

Let's begin by accessing the Manifest Bud website either by typing manifestbud.com into your URL or by simply searching for Manifest Bud on Google. Once on the Manifest Bud website, we will initiate the registration process.

There are two types of registration: one for business owners and another for skydivers. Each group has its respective registration forms and required information to create a user account tailored to their needs.

Jumpers are expected to provide personal information such as their name, surname, license number, equipment details, and experience.

To utilize Manifest Bud, business owners, drop zones, or skydiving organizations must create a user account. Let's start with that step.

STEP 1 – Business Owner Registration

In the "desktop view" version of the web application, you'll find the registration option in the menu at the top of the page. On mobile devices or screens with smaller resolutions, the "Registration" link is located in the upper right corner of the screen within the menu.

Clicking on the "Registration" link will redirect you to the registration page, where you'll be presented with two options: registration for skydivers/jumpers or registration for business owners.

Select the appropriate user account type. Since we're focusing on how to use Manifest Bud for Business Owners, we'll choose "Business Owners Registration."

Business Owners Registration

Upon selecting "Business Owners Registration," you'll be directed to the form where you'll input the necessary data for your business owner account.

In the first field, enter the name of your organization, brand, or company. For illustrative purposes, we'll use the temporary placeholder name "Skydive Manifest Bud."

Next, enter the country in which the organization is based, followed by its address. Although the address is not mandatory, we recommend providing it to facilitate user navigation within the application.

Include your phone number and website address if applicable. Having a registered website linked to your business account allows users to access additional information about your services.

Enter your email address carefully, as it will serve as your username for logging into the application and managing your user account on Manifest Bud. After submitting the form, an activation link will be sent to your email, which you must click to activate your user account on manifestbud.com.

Choose a strong password and confirm it in the designated field. We recommend keeping a record of your password in a secure location.

You can also leave a note or additional information for our administrators in the "Note" field.

Upon successful registration, you'll receive a confirmation message stating "Registration Successful."

Account Activation

To activate your user account, click on the link sent to the email address provided during registration. Once confirmed, you can begin using your Manifest Bud user account.

Logging In, Checking, and Editing Your User Account, and Checking the Reference Number

To log in, click the "Login" button and enter your credentials.

To modify your information or check your business account's reference number, navigate to the "Company Profile" section in the main navigation menu.

You can update all your user account information in this section, except for your email and reference number. Your email serves as your login username, while the reference number represents your business entity. Skydivers can find your business using this reference number, so it's important to keep it consistent and visible.

The reference number is assigned automatically during registration and is crucial when using Manifest Bud.

Skydivers must enter the reference number of the business owner, drop zone, or company they are jumping with so that manifest staff can locate them in the database. Skydivers can update their reference number under their profile section an unlimited number of times. For skydivers to be visible to the manifest staff, they must have the business owner's reference number entered in their profiles.

Always prominently display your reference number at events or in marketing materials to ensure that registered skydivers or jumpers can easily find you and enter the reference number in their profiles.