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Manifest Bud - frequently asked questions

Manifest Bud - frequently asked questions

What is ManifestBud?

ManifestBud is a web-based manifesting software specially designed for small and medium skydiving dropzones, skydiving business owners, skydive event organizers but as well for skydivers. It's purpose is to help You with creating and organizing flights, loads, manifesting skydivers and managing load schedules.

Why ManifestBud?

ManifestBud is web-based which means that it is accessible anywhere, anytime, even on Your smartphone. It also allows You to see all the details about skydivers and their equipment, thus improving safety. Flexibility and ease-of-use are another pros of using ManifestBud: use any aircraft, define slots per load, manifest solo skydivers or tandems, add special notes regarding a skydiver such as tandem passenger name, define skydiver leader and much more.

Where do I begin?

Whether You are a skydiver or an organization, the first step is to fill out the appropriate registration form in "Registration" section. Be sure to read about the reference number. Shortly, You will receive an email requiring to activate Your account. If You did not receive the email, be sure to check Your spam folder or contact our team at manifestbud(at)gmail.com. If You are both a skydiver and an organization, You may use the same email for both registrations.

What is a reference number?

Reference number is an identification of a particular event organizer. It is assigned automatically during organization registration and can easily be found in "Company profile" section. To be able to add a skydiver on a load, the skydiver must have entered reference number of the organizer while registering. The skydiver's reference number can be changed anytime in "Profile" section to be able to participate in various events with single registration.

How do I create an event?

An event is easily created in "Events" section. Be sure to define "Slots per load" as You will not be able to add more skydivers on the load than this but You will be able to add less. Pay attention to "Take off – Touchdown time" as the system will use this provided time to calculate take-off times of all the loads in the sequence of the event. This period can be elongated or shortened by defining the delay time after the load while creating or editing a load or by specifying the exact time of the load.

How do I create a load?

Once You have created an event, You will be able to create loads. By default, loads are time-dependent on each other unless You specify other take-off time than calculated. After a load is created, You can easily add skydivers on the load. If the skydiver is specified as "Tandem" he/she will fill two slots on the load. Any note written when adding a skydiver will appear next to his/her name. If You are unable to find a particular skydiver on the list, read about the reference number.

How much does ManifestBud cost?

For the price plan for using the Manifet Bud manifesting web application check our pricing plan section. Feel free to contact us with improvement ideas and questions so we can tailor ManifestBud to your needs.

How to use manifest Bud please check our video tutorial and if needed we can offer a free online video conference to demonstrate Manifest Bud functionality.

For skydivers, ManifestBud is completely free.